When I was a kid, got lazy, couldn´t do, couldn´t manage something, my father
(resolutely) kept telling me:
“It´s just a question of your own will!”

We do not come to this world out of our own will. We are fathered(what a strange word) out of animus, bliss, accident and because of stereotype, manipulation or even violence of others. We are born to families, cities, countries, cultures, states, conditions, which we did not choose ourselves at all. Displays of this most radical unjustice can accompany us for the whole of our life
—even just those passports of those randomly compulsary citizenships will allow us and preclude them in choices of where one can effectively grow.
Such a negative meditation we have to ban for its endangering contraproductivity. We have to assign ourselves to notion that we are not expulded to this reality by others but that we tear into this universe with the yell of heroes ourselves. But right after we are born those others incalculate our acceptance of responsibility for ourselves through the conscious ability to want, endeavour, control our appetence, decide correctly, sense of agency. We are abandoned to the tender at the mercy of choice from polysemies too early.

Some will, volition, selection, judgement (even of figurative constants)… is (in wide popular environments) correlatively considered as the most crucial sensorimotorical as well as ethical, moral, aesthetical, self-determinal. There is a will of human (born) and citizen (made) which might consensually form the will of communities, societies, states. We do not know if it is like that. We do not know also because we are all forced to absorb bombastic media-simulacræ of chances of right-choice (that typical “smaller evil” / that constraints to take-over the liability of them) from manipulative consumerist or real-political / partocratical sectors, in the overimpulsed actuality (networked nature). Here we do not exclude alien media (machines / prosthetical extensions / Pharmakon / scales of blinded Justitia…) from interfaces of personal decision and responsibility anymore.
Technologies change flow of time: the future happened before the present cause network-agents (providers of back-ups of our externalised memories) truly know where we are, how do we feel, what we desire for, much earlier and better than us.
A will seems to be internal (personal) strain which is tested in consequent clash with external (social) factors just after. Those external forces (orientational and organisational rights and obligations, rules, norms, laws in hands of representative executors) are dominant. Any concept of autonomousity, authenticity of our further decisions is out of the hook. But anyhow we are still obliged to follow aspirations of some free-will (independency, implicitness) or good-will (compliancy) as the most fundamental conditions of later correct decisions.

Isn´t a will (out of mentioned and other reasons) limited to the level of dreamery,
utopia, fantasmagoria, cultural construct supplied exclusively from “outside” / “top-down”?

Is there any will?
If not—what might be more proper epistemic, semantic, linguistic solution
of such a tectonics of personal orientational, organisational, social dynamics?

What function is a will today – the times of massive densification
of superiority of mediation industries?

What can be a will tommorow?

How can we challenge those delegated decision-makers (those external factors)
to commensurableness in good-will (or generosity, voluntarism, altruism, philanthropy)?

Can we cultivate a will?
Can we cultivate a will of civic environment?

QUESTION OF WILL comprehends wide territory of problems (meanings and controversies), which need to be experimented with cooperation of diverse disciplinary expertises (content-authorities, value-preferences, epistemological systems), to reach more accountable plasticity of enunciation. The project of QUESTION OF WILL (via series / collage of lectures, debates, performaces, screenings) invites artists, philosophers, politologists (humanists, posthumanists, transhumanists and metahumanists), psychiatrists and psychologists, scientists… and human-rights advocates to mutual exchange.

We imagine arts-traffic as ideal predisposition for appropriate interdisciplinary discourse
—thanks to its bankless, dynamically critical relation to dogmas of contents and forms, towards normativities.

Arts-traffic brims over with ability of “alchemy” of metaphorical shift through borders and boundaries of disciplines, genders or political correctness. This climate is characterised with hospitable quality of listening, insight and tentatively meaningful connecting to translation (many times esoterical) nomenclatures of particular sectors and beliefs.

QUESTION OF WILL addresses our turbulent times, which on one hand burst with enormous ambition in terms of moderation of corporeality, gender, life-span, pain…, and on the other (collectively) sublime in voidance of conservativism, neo-liberalism, populism but also possible apocalypse of social democracy, polarisational chaos. This voidance (in reactivity) allows consequent rise of so-called “far-right”. Huge part of “far-right” is established of politically analphabetical and/or cynically oportunist anti-system rebellion, which is instinctively fathered by accumulation of realistic distrust in those standard partocracies unable to solve economical and educational ruptures, which are unable to communicate, offer such cultural symbols which motivate all-societal identification. Fascisms, neo-nazisms, fundamentalisms, extremisms are sublimations of neurosis or even psychosis of democratical form.

QUESTION OF WILL wants to search for productive ontologies
before the world degenerates to an urgency of reparatory oncologies.

Boris Ondreička,