Anna Daučíková, 3 Práce


Open Gallery, Baštová 5, Bratislava 26.1. – 19.2. 2017, Mon – Fri 14:00 – 19:00

Exhibition opening 26.1. 19:00


Anna Daučíková (1950) is one of the most important Slovak artists, a pedagogue (currently at the AVU in Prague) and a feminist/queer activist (co-founder of the magazine Aspekt) and much more. Daučíková is an artistic vanguard of the critique of heteronormative dogmatism of the social being in Slovakia. Through the theme of re-articulation of corporeality and gender, with a clear knowledge of the precariousness (even tyranny) of identity (and the consequent roles that we play on the basis of interpretation of the given social scenarios / exercising of rituals of symbolic economies), her work challenges more precise, non-stereotypical methods of self-testing. This testing is eminently „personal“, and thus does not exempt to take full responsibility and at the same time claims for a wider applicability. If Daučíková talks about „herself“, she re-evaluates the most primary relations of sensorimotor (corporealities) in relation with descriptive or prescriptive ethical/cultural (embodiments) coordinates. She works with the sphere of privacy to the edge of intimacy, which she perceives as a practice not isolated from the public dynamic – quite contrary, her „personal“ is eminently political in the best feminist sense of the word – as she herself says: she does not consider a part of her “self” as property, but cold-bloodedly bestows it in service of current discourse.


Within the context of the Question of Will project, Anna Daučíková presents three of her pieces in the Open gallery: „Kissing Hour“, video, 1997; „Personal Effort”, series of photographs, 1992-2002 (in a premiere) and the self-portrait triptych “Bez názvu”, which was gradually created in Moscow 1988, Bratislava 1998, and Prague 2017 (the most important dwellings of her life).


During the duration of the exhibition, a discursive showing will also take place, with attendance of Anna Daučíko herself. The date will be revealed shortly.