Anna Daučíková

Anna Daučíková (b. 1950) is Slovak visual artist based in Prague and Bratislava. Since 2011, she is a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. Daučíková is the first Czechoslovak feminist and queer female artist and activist. Her work is focused on the notion of political body as an intercross of power relations.



Question of Will – at first this title came as a surprise – why deliberate on this today? To me will is not a dark urge that exists notwithstanding what my imagination says, like in Schopenhauer. To me individually, my interest lies in the decision-making act, but here I give up soon understanding that acute decision-making comes together with cognition. And this is again doubtful as soon as we learn from cognitive science that, in fact, we do not know how the process of decision-making is organized; moreover that my brain knows how I will decide – a bit earlier than I do.

However, let me stay in a pragmatic sphere – and here the will and decision is more interesting to me in connection with Butlerian “agency”. In such connection my perennial interest lies in gender and sex. Moreover a question of power arises, which cannot be just abolished by a sheer refusal, which can be only shifted (Butler).

A collective will is something else and more and I am happy to see with us Laboria Cubonics – just from their annotation it comes clearly that in certain topics we have a common views (family, nature, etc.).


I am going to offer you some notes, which come as a side effect of my artistic work.

Seven guidelines of morphing
Translation: Derek Paton



Meandering – clearing paths in language … between the genders, like feminine and masculine; the augmentation of the senses by moving from language to language.

(I am recalling that in my childhood I would spend hours (splendid moments!) jostling my way within the language…meandering between the genders like female and male; later sprawling senses by moving from language to language.)



Acrobatics – on the alert on unoccupied territory … balancing between metaphor and metamorphosis.

(I am still as if standing on toes…in order to avoid the trap and not to be constrained to choose between the metaphor and metamorphosis.)



Not belonging – remaining outside the prejudice of sex, the natural, inherent nationality, and origin.

(I made my choice in favour of the non-appertain, to stay beyond the prejudices of sex, the natural, and of course nationality, race, origin, etcetera.)



Manifestation – the creation of forms from sounds, gestures, and ‘quasi words’… about oneself.

(I discovered the pleasure of imagining forms coming from gestures and well-nigh words, from sounds…and saw it all create my “self”.)


Materializing – acquiring a body by movement … reflecting by means of the matter.

(I managed to acquire trust towards matter and to achieve the body through motion; they say it´s quite a triviality within physics.)



Triangulation – labouring in inklings … surveying what does not exist yet.

(One needs to take care for the quasi-skill of touching up what would become.)



Negotiating – indulging in the tension… persisting in the realm of shaping.

(I indulged myself in the joy of morphing – it is a labour.)