Discussion Beyond heteronormative binarity

6.4. 8:00, Open Gallery, Baštová 5
The film GONDA by Austrian artist Ursula Mayer, in her own words, presents “a narratve outside the heteronormative binarity” will be screened at Open Gallery.  It is a “non-gender story of multiple monologues of bodies, matter and consumerism, aesthetics, ethics and politics”. Within the claimed “nongenderedness” is offered a version of gender neutrality, its nonexistence, or a version of gender as an endless possibility of versions which we can choose or create. It is a dialogue (or a neurosis) of cultural roles and biological bodies, the particular entities of which we are not able to distinguish as wholes, but we sense the sublimation of “small details” both on the personal level as much as on the level of community and society.

The artist, member of feminist collective Čtvrtá Vlna (“Fourth wave”) Marie Lukáčová and philosopher Lukáš Likavčan will discuss with the event’s curator Boris Ondreička.