Helena Holmberg

Helena Holmberg is the director of Kunsthall Trondheim. Holmberg was earlier curator for Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden as well as the leader of Xposeptember – a biennale for photographic and moving image. Other projects include: A Complicated Relation (Index and Kalmar Konstmuseum 2011), Manon de Boer: Encounters (Kalmar Konstmuseum 2013, publication by Van Abbemuseum, OEI and Index, 2013). Lina Selander. Echo. The montage, the fossil, the sarcophagus, the x-ray, the cloud, the sound, the feral animal, the shadow, the room, and ”Lenin’s Lamp Glows in the Peasant’s Hut” (OEI, 2013). Since 2013 Helena Holmberg has been responsible for establishing Kunsthall Trondheim, a new institution for contemporary art in Mid-Norway which opened this fall.

Helena will speak about the role of the art institution and the relation between art and politics. Why is the painting political? Or – art is all about making choices.